throw more than a party.
throw sharp stuff.


The Cut's on-site party trailer makes it easy to add axe and knife throwing to your next party - whether it's tailgating, celebrating a birthday, hosting an event for your organization or business, or looking for an attraction to add to your festival.

With flexible set up options that require as little as 12 x 15 ft, The Cut's Axe Throwing Trailer is designed to accommodate events of any size.


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3 to 4 HRS

full day rental

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4 to 8 HRS


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For On-Site Axe Throwing Reservations

We’ll need a flat, level surface to set up the trailer! Depending on how many sides / targets you’re planning on using we’ll need the following amount of space:

  • 1 Side (2 Targets) – 20 ft x 30 ft
  • 2 Sides (4 Targets) – 20 ft x 60 ft
  • 2 Sides + Inside (5 Targets) – 30 ft x 60 ft

Absolutely – we’ve designed the trailer specifically for this type of event, with tall sides and a built-in bounce area. 

Additionally, the Trailer always includes coaches who will have your participants sign waivers before throwing and then walk them through the proper way to throw!

Finally, The Cut has chosen throwing equipment (hatchets and custom throwers) that are easy to handle and throw.

Yes you can! Our coaches are trained to only let customers throw who demonstrate competency. But the choice is totally up to you!

Yes, you can! We’ll need a power hookup to power the trailer’s LEDs and overhead lights. We can provide one if absolutely needed, but we’d rather use an extension cord and a local power source if we can!