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Marathon Leagues and Standard 8 Week Leagues
For everyone.

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IATF Leagues will begin December 2023 and run regularly throughout the year. Sign up to be notified of upcoming leagues!

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8 Weeks of Throwing, insane fun, and good times.
For those 21 and over.

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Beer League starts again in January.
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You've got questions. We've got answers.

Nope! But members save 20% on leagues! So could be a good idea to become a member!

Nope! League is where you get good. 

The Cut is home to some of the top axe and knife throwers in the world. Seriously. You can watch us on ESPN in the 2022 World Axe Throwing Championship and 2022 World Knife Throwing Championships. 

But we didn’t start off good – we learned how to throw better from watching and working with others. You’ll get to do the same. And we have some good news – because our top OG throwers are in or leading league you’ll develop your skills much faster than we did!

Official Leagues
8 Weeks

Rec Leagues
4 to 8 Weeks

Marathon Leagues
4 to 12 hours, depending on the size of the league

You get to meet new, likeminded, and interesting people.
Axe and knife throwers are an interesting bunch, with a diverse set of skills, educational backgrounds, and cultural identities. Axe and Knife throwing leagues is where we come together to have fun and celebrate the things that make us unique – while tossing sharp stuff. 

You’ll get better at throwing sharp stuff.
Competition breeds improvement. By the end of your first league you’ll be amazed with how much you’ve improved. And you’ll be able to wow your friends and family with your newly developed markmanship with sharp stuff.

You’ll feel better.
Very little is more satisfying than sticking a sharp object is some cottonwood and hitting your targets.