Coached by world championship finalists, right here in College Station, TX.

Monday NIght KNives CLASS

Learn how to throw Knives like a pro from a World Championship finalist – right here in College Station, Tx.

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Learn how to throw Hatchets like a pro from a World Championship finalist – right here in College Station, Tx.

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Classes FAQs

While there is no specific age limit for throwers we recommend not bringing kids younger than 10 years old.

Short Answer: No! According to statistics it’s safer than going to your local 7-Eleven. 

Longer Answer: The Cut Crew is made up of professional axe and knife throwing coaches that teach participants to throw safely and accurately, and axe and knife throwing are statistically safer than going to 7 eleven.  

According to our insurance agent (we have great insurance!) in 2022 there were ~500 axe throwing venues across the US, with thousands of throwers at each venue each month, and and just 5 insurance claims. 

Get Pumped
Come with a great sense of adventure. Axe and knife throwing is exciting, safe, and fun.

Sign the Waiver in Advance to Save Time
If you’d like to save time during the check-in process and get throwing quickly make sure to have everyone in your group sign the waiver in advance.

Wear Closed-Toed Shoes
Make sure to wear closed-toed shoes when you come! Insurance requires this! Forgot your shoes? That’s ok – we have some you can borrow.

You can book online for yourself and your friends – you’ll just have to pay for them in advance and they’ll have to pay you back!

No! The Cut Provides Throwing Equipment
We provide all the throwing equipment for your Class!

Maybe! Bring it and we’ll let you know.
If your sharp stuff meets our specs we’ll be happy to let you use it!