WATL and WKTL Marathon League Overview

Marathon Leagues make it possible for throwers who do not have an axe or knife throwing venue nearby to compete in an official WATL or WKTL League at an Official WATL / WKTL venue (like The Cut Axe Throwing!).

If you can toss an axe or a knife, you can compete in an official WATL / WKTL Marathon League.

Marathon Leagues are a great way for throwers to qualify for PRO status, or WATC (World Axe Throwing Championship) or WKTC (World Knife Throwing Championship) to maximize their season score in their target discipline.

A Thrower’s WATL / WKTL ranking each Season is based on the total number of points scored in a League (their per-match average). Marathon Leagues typically have higher average scores as throwers throw continuously throughout a single day, allowing them to get in a groove. The higher your average, the more circuit points you earn. The more circuit points you earn, the higher your chance of earning a bid to the world championships.

Marathon Leagues also typically cost less than full length leagues.

Marathon Leagues may be held anytime during a WATL League Season (there are 4 seasons each year – Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Each season lasts ~8 weeks.

Venues may host a maximum of two Marathon Leagues per discipline in any given season.

Throwers may compete in as many Marathon Leagues as they want. The season with the Highest Score attained will be used in WATL / WKTL rankings.

Marathon Leagues consist of 28 regular season matches and then a Playoff.

League Playoff format is determined by the host venue and can be single elimination or double elimination with best 2 of 3 matches or single game matches.

Marathon Leagues are generally made up of 10 or less throwers and last anywhere form 3-6 hours.

The more throwers there are in a Marathon League, the more games will be played and the longer the Marathon League will last.